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Where on a river can you hold a cup upright to catch water on a sunny day?

👍 waterfall, 👎 bridge, 👎 valley , 👎 pebble, 👎 mountain 

Where can I stand on a river to see water falling without getting wet?

👎 waterfall, 👍 bridge, 👎 valley, 👎 stream, 👎 bottom

I’m crossing the river, my feet are wet but my body is dry, where am I?

👎 waterfall, 👎 bridge, 👍 valley, 👎 bank, 👎 island

Rand Split (official split)


11/04/2019: We won NAACL19 best resource paper!.

Question Answering Challenge Targeting Commonsense Knowledge 

CommonsenseQA is a new multiple-choice question answering dataset that requires different types of commonsense knowledge to predict the correct answers . It contains 12,102 questions with one correct answer and four distractor answers.  The dataset is provided in two major training/validation/testing set splits: "Random split" which is the main evaluation split, and "Question token split", see paper for details.

Where would I not want a fox?

👍 hen house, 👎 england, 👎 mountains,

 👎 english hunt, 👎 california

Why do people read gossip magazines? 👍 entertained, 👎 get information, 👎 learn,

👎 improve know how, 👎 lawyer told to

  • Test results may be evaluated once every two weeks.

  • To be added to the leaderboard, we request a paper or short anonymous report of how you achieved this result, to help the community learn and reproduce your work.

  • At this point we will not be accepting submissions that make use of ConceptNet to the leaderboard. See * for an explanation. 

  • Please send predictions in OpenBookQA format according to the Eval Script to and

  • If you find this data helpful in your work, please cite this paper.

What do all humans want to experience in their own home?

👍 feel comfortable, 👎 work hard, 👎 fall in love, 👎 lay eggs, 👎 live forever

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